Songwriters: Robert Thomas / C. Deveau
Lyrics: R. Thomas

You grow up
and become
a man
your daddy
don't take you
by the hand
after school
at the
playground fence
that's all gone
with the innocence

You find your way
your heart
build a home
and make
a start
you go to work
and take
your shot
then all at once
in a tick
the clock

You are older
with children
of your own
suddenly older
tending the seeds
you've sown

A friend of mine
he and his wife
they've got problems
in their married life
what she wants
he can't provide
who he's become
has left her
dying inside

They've grown older
but alone
suddenly older
the seeds
they've sown

You never
see it coming
but before
you turn around
tomorrow fades
to yesterday
and your dreams
are watered down
and you’re older
or so they say
suddenly older
I guess
it’s the price
you pay
growing older
but wiser
along the way